PCT-Cutter Set Peony Extra Petal


PCT-Cutter Set Peony Extra Petal

Product no.: PCT-2006 Extra Petal (Size: Large)
$9.00 / set(s)

Price, is exclusive delivery

Delivery weight: 25 g


Cutter Set Peony Set L for clay flower making and cake decoration, cake design. Please look for PST-2006 Set L to use with this cutter.


Pre-Order product.

Handmade products. Please wait about 2-3 days to produce

Then send by postal, can be shipped within 14-21 days.

( Depends on local post office )

Additional product information

Size Large

Selection: PCT-Cutter Set Peony Extra Petal

Product no. Size Price
PCT-2006 Extra Petal Large $9.00 / set(s) *

Prices, are exclusive delivery

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Prices, are exclusive delivery

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